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Trio Lunabile

with Soprano, Bariton, Harp und Accordion


©Marc Lontzek

Simone Krampe, Soprano and accordion

Maria-Theresa Freibott, Harp

Trost der Nacht

Biblisches & Lyrisches

The trio consisting of harp, soprano, accordion, and baritone is a unique combination of instruments and voices that transports the audience through a rich and versatile soundscape into a world of calm and peace.

The program "Trost der Nacht" (Comfort of the Night) is a collection of songs and music pieces specifically designed for nighttime church services and devotions. It is a perfect choice for churches seeking to create a quiet and contemplative atmosphere. This music is a reflection of the beauty and hope found in the darkness.

Our repertoire includes a wide range of musical genres, from classical pieces to modern songs, all tailored to the theme of "Comfort of the Night." The program is complemented by thoughtful texts.

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