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Duo Arpos

Trombone and harp

Matthias Weiß- Trombone

Maria-Theresa Freibott- Harp

©Marc Lontzek

During the Corona pandemic, the Landestheater Detmold had to close, which led to the formation of the duo Harp and Trombone with the solo trombonist of the theater, Matthias Weiß.

Although this combination of instruments may seem unusual at first glance, they complement each other wonderfully and create a unique sound.

The ensemble offers a distinctive combination of the warm tones of the harp and the striking notes of the trombone. They specialize in interpreting classical pieces and contemporary compositions while utilizing the ensemble's unique sound.

Their repertoire ranges from the Renaissance to Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionism, and contemporary music.

Currently, they offer two different concert programs: "Vive la France" and "Sliding down the strings." For further inquiries about their program, please feel free to contact them.

Impressions of last concerts


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